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The Swiss Cultural Week, 11th – 18th June, 2000, Tehran, Iran

By means of any type of media or form of expression (performance, sound, text, video, photography, interviews and conferences, or the web) the group intends to launch an open and modular work-in-progress in Iran. In this collaboration with local participants in Tehran, which shall use the city as a thematic backdrop – Tehran as an architectural and urban, but also as an historical or fictional phenomenon – the idea is to inquire into the various possibilities of exchange between two cultures.

The first, preparatory stage of the project takes place while the bulk of the group is still in Switzerland. It involves the group members meeting on a regular basis, the conducting of a series of interviews with expatriate Iranians, and the construction of a website including images of Tehran as an urban space.

Once the group arrives in Tehran, it has a week to prepare the ground for the planned exhibition, which shall itself be a work-in-progress in that its content is to remain open to changes throughout the week.