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FLOATINGSUSHI is a two-dimensional space populated by words. You navigate by typing the letters on the keyboard corresponding to the letters highlighted at the center of the grid. To change rows, you have to align two identical letters. All the words from FLOATINGSUSHI come from photos of signs, billboards and graffiti taken in the streets of San Francisco in the summer of 2001.


- Festival Tous Ecrans, 19th Geneva International Film Festival, Geneva, Switzerland, November 2013

- What I Did on My Summer Vacation
Virtual Art Gallery, Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, Georgia, August 2003

- Chiangmai First New Media Art Festival
Chiangmai, Thailand, April 2003

- immedia2003
8th annual digital arts exhibition
Ann Arbor, Michigan, February 2003

- incident.net
> landscape issue #3 > on-line, 2002

- FILE2002
electronic language international festival
Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 2002

- HEXA::net project
media_city seoul 2002, Seoul, Korea, 2002