projects members
Solvej Andersen Tirdad Zolghadr Patricia Nydegger Peter Stoffel Andrew Hieronymi

Group Project is a collective effort that includes the five following participants:
  • Solvej Dufour-Andersen
  • Andrew Hieronymi
  • Patricia Nydegger
  • Peter Stoffel
  • Tirdad Zolghadr

The members come from various cultural backgrounds, and are currently active in a number of different fields, such as - among others - web design, architecture, theory, film, and the visual arts.

Having known each other for a certain period of time, and sharing a number of common interests, the five members started working on an experimental network of sorts, one which would facilitate an exchange of activities and experiences.

Transdisciplinarity and pluriculturalism, the combination of theory and practice, and the deconstruction of unidirectional modes of thinking are all central to the group’s modus operandi, and accounts for why the project is intended to stay open to cultural exchanges and collaborative projects of all sorts.